407 West Columbia Avenue

Apartment 1 - 1BR / 1 Bath (Available Aug 2017, $515/mo)


This four family apartment house is a symbol of the City of Champaign's commitment to rejuvenating the historic Sesquicentennial Neighborhood. With grants from the city, this old house was rescued from dilapidation in 1998. The structure was given a new foundation, a new roof, and almost everything in between. Acquired in 2003, it became our first rental offering in this community.

1003 South Smith Road

Available November 2015, $699



Located between Scottswood and Savanah Greens subdivisions in East Urbana, these units provide a unique balance of luxury living and affordability. Weller Homes built these units in 1988 utilizing a common duplex floorplan. This plan maximizes the privacy and spaciousness afforded by an area that would otherwise be occupied by large multi-family apartments.

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